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The Importance of Ferris Bueller's Day Off

            Ferris Bueller is the king of skipping school. He convinces his best friend, Cameron Fry, and girlfriend, Sloan Peterson, to skip school with him and go on an adventure. However, Ferris has done this sort of thing before; there would not be anything useful he could get out of it. While Ferris did not seem to get anything useful from his day off he did help Cameron face his fear of his father and gain an understanding of himself that he would not have been able to get had he gone to school. .
             During the scene where Ferris, Sloan and Cameron go visit the art museum, one can be struck with a sense of bewilderment. Why would teenagers, who have all of the city of Chicago to explore, go visit an art museum while they were skipping school? Skipping school is seen as a way to escape education but these kids are actively seeking it out by going to the art museum. They not only learn about the art works housed in the museum, but Cameron learns about himself. He stares at the painting of the outdoor scene full of people and his eyes focus on the image of a little boy. The camera switches from Cameron's face to that of the little boy in the painting and it moves closer to each one as if blending the two together. What can be taken from this is an awakening of sorts for Cameron; he has been so high strung and afraid his entire life. Staring at the painted little boy caused an explosion in Cameron; he began his journey to find himself and that journey would have never started without Ferris convincing him to skip school. .
             Ferris describes Cameron's house like this: 'It's like a museum. It's very beautiful and very cold.' The views see that museum like quality when it comes to Mr. Fry's garage where he keeps his Ferrari. There is no sense of warmth and the large glass windows around the car make it seem like it is in a display case. By this time, Cameron has begun taking the seeming destruction of his explosion and using it to rebuild himself.

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