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Comparing Adam and Eve the story to the Painting

            From Words to Art - A Brief Comparison.
             All artists have to obtain their inspiration for their creations from somewhere. Many famous painters use well-known literature and religious texts to help jumpstart an idea. Depending on the artist's perception of the literature or text, transforming words into an art form can formulate many subtle and obvious differences. While the artist may not duplicate, or even relatively turn the words into art, they will usually conceal some aspect of the writings in the finished artwork. Hans Baldung's famous painting, Eve, the Serpent, and Death, takes the theme from Adam and Eve's eviction from the Garden of Eden, and paints it into a portrayal of curiosity, betrayal and death. While it is evident that Baldung derived his ideas and theme for this painting from the Bible's Genesis 3, it is also clear that he interpreted the story in a much altered perspective then what is written.
             In Genesis 3, as well as Baldung's painting, the forbidden fruit plays a major role in determining the outcome of what is taking place. In the story, the Evil Serpent tries to convince Eve to eat the fruit with promises of having God's ability to see good and evil. Eve gives into the temptation, eating first and then handing some fruit to Adam, who as the painting shows, has already tested the fruit and promptly fallen victim to decay. When viewing Baldung's painting, curiosity arises when trying to decide the fallen man's intentions. Adam holds the fruit in the air, seemingly tempting Eve to join him and eat the forbidden pleasure. It is not clear to the viewer whether Baldung intended for Adam to be warning his life-mate of the consequences from eating the fruit or, trying to tempt her into joining the already decaying state of his world. Genesis 3 tells a story, while the painting shows a single moment in time when the woman's companion is fallen and she must make the ultimate choice.

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