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Short Story - The Worst Nightmare

            They were standing there mocking me, why are they doing this? I have never done anything mean to them before, I don't understand. It's like they don't even know me, I feel like such an outcast. Just yesterday we were all best friends and hanging out at the mall. Then Maria came closer to me. Brenda looked like she was recording it, Maria started hitting me. Over and over again, she was yelling at me to fight back but I wouldn't. Unaware of what was happening, I then got shoved into a glass casing, it had all the cheer trophies in it. I tried to stand up but I had glass in my arms and I was now bleeding. Brenda came closer to me to get a good shot of me trying to get up and get the glass out of my arms and the rest of my body. All my other "friends" were laughing and saying they wanted a turn to hit me. I couldn't see out of my right eye now because it was swollen shut. .
             They have drug me from the glass to the locker room. It feels like they have been beating me for hours. Once in the locker room I tried to see the clock, but I couldn't see anything. There is blood and tears in my eyes. I am in so much pain and just wish my life would end right now! I could hear Coach Rhoads' voice in the locker room, but she just ignored what the other cheerleaders were doing to me. Why isn't she doing anything? She is supposed to do something about this, like make them stop. Emily is the one hitting me now, at least I think. It feels like she is hitting my head on the lockers.
             I must have blacked out for what felt like forever. Everything is quiet, where am I? Then all the sudden I was awoken by my alarm clock buzzing. The buzzing wasn't only the alarm clock, but also in my head. What have I done? Have I actually made someone feel the way I did in my dream? This dream was a horrible wake up call for me. Now I know just by my dream what I have put other people through. How could I have been so inconsiderate of others feelings? I am going to make this right today at school.

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