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Carnage and Culture by Victor Davis Hanson

            The novel Carnage and Culture written by Victor Davis Hanson whom is a military historian and professor at California State University gives a new perspective on why the West always wins their wars. Hanson states his theory that the West always wins their fights because of the influence of their culture. He continues to explain this theory of the Western way of war with a coherent argument. Although Hanson uses examples of battles in which do not quite fit his argument, the background of the nine battles he uses support his claim; thus, making his theory agreeable overall. .
             Furthermore, the title Carnage and Culture best illustrates Hanson's theory on the western culture. The reason being why the west always wins their wars is due to the culture- "The Western Way of War ". This culture follows with characteristics in which represent the West: being freedom, individualism, civic militarism, superior weapons, organization, discipline, morale, initiative, flexibility, and command. All of these characteristics are shown through the West in the battles fought against the Non-West. Hanson talks about nine different battles in which helps back up his theory. .
             Western warfare, a common foundation and continual way of fighting, that has made Europeans the most deadly soldiers in the history of civilization. With this being said, Hanson believed that with the western culture, the armies produce better quality arms and soldiers. Culture being such a big part of the Western way of life, the people believed in themselves and their rights to freedom. Although, for a long time the Western expeditionary forces were outnumbered and often deployed from their home they continued to fight off the superior enemies. This led to the Western culture to slaughter mercilessly their opponents. The cultural background is what Hanson's theory is as to why the West continues to win their battles. Each and every one of the battles that the West fight in, are reminders of their cultural tradition, instead of reason to make history.

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