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Grief, Loss and Purpose

            The death of someone we know is something that is impossible for anyone to control, and it can arouse all kind of feelings, and attitudes. As we face death with family and friends we should know the serious concerns associated with understanding and facing death. There are several major issues such as: isolation, denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance; but the two utmost important issues that will be discussed are depression and anger. We all experience or may have experienced the loss of someone either through death or them just leaving, this loss will affect how we cope, live our lives and our culture.
             Anger is one of the issues associated with understanding coping and facing death. For example my grandmother's daughter died from melanoma cancer that was undiagnosed until it was stage four, anger feelings took control of my grandmother and fast. Parents dealing with the death of a child search for the meaning in the death, as well as the meaning of their lives after the death. (Rubin, 1986; Wheeler, 2001). Anger is a destructive emotion that can ruin your mental and physical health. The anger of my grandmother who was experiencing a loss, was mainly targeted at God for allowing her daughter to be taken, she felt the death was very unfair and unjust, because her daughter was only Thirty years old with her whole life ahead of her and leaving her two kids without a mother. .
             A death of a child is one of the most merciless, heart-rending pain, a parent could very ever go through. The bereavement process of a parent that losses a child is hard to categorize because there are many factors that contribute to the grieving process. Parents have always believed that they should outlive their children, and when they outlive their children the parents will be picking up the pieces until their death. Time is supposed to heal the pain in situations like this, however it is not always the case especially with my grandmother who has two young grandchildren to remind her of her daughter every time she sees them.

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