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Cinderella Literary Analysis

            After reading the Brothers Grim version of Cinderella and viewing the film version of Cinderella, Everafter, one can distinguish precise differences between the these two similar stories. The plot in this timeless classic has been used as a model for writers for countless generations. For years the story has been refined and reworked, whether as The Brothers Grimm's "Cinderella." or the most recent version, Ever After: A Cinderella Story, a film by Andy Tennant. This version has a realistic element, which is to be more modernized and relatable to what could happen to someone today. Compared to the Brothers Grimm version which is more of a tall tale, or something that is too good to be true.
             Both stories tell of a young damsel whose mother passed away when she was young and is then harassed by her stepmother and her two evil stepsisters who basically make her a servant her in her own home and force her life to be dreadful. Yet, both versions differ significantly when it comes to the content of the stories. The Brothers Grimm version depicts Cinderella as a young, nave, vulnerable woman who succumbs to her stepmothers every request and absorbs harsh punishment for any disrespect she may show to her. Unlike the Brothers Grimm version, Everafter renders Cinderella as a determined orphan who becomes a hero by standing up for herself even though it may result in being reprimanded. The only relief Cinderella catches is the friendship she has established between animals that live outside her home (Grimm, 2013). .
             Cinderella, in the Brothers story, is constantly being tormented by her stepfamily but in Everafter the youngest stepsister shows her a little compassion and she has human friends, not wild animals, who live in the home and help her with her daily tasks. The Everafter version takes on a more realistic method when portraying this collective tale of a young servant who becomes a princess (Everafter a Cinderella Story, 2010).

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