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Siddhartha - Perpetual Becoming

            The story of Siddhartha's life is not only one of the inner-chaos that emptiness may be, the constant desire for something that is just out of reach, and the burden that true wisdom can be, but also love, rebirth, and true understanding of ones self. Siddhartha exemplifies the importance of having both good and bad times in order to reach a truly fulfilling life. It also explains the notion that no two people can follow the same path or experience the same things in order to reach, or find, true enlightenment. Siddhartha, like most, encounters many challenges and learning experiences, including things like emaciation, bacchanalianism, avarice, depression, and learning that he has a child. Combined, these challenges and experiences aid him in becoming what he must to reach true enlightenment. In Siddharthas journey to Nirvana, the most profound people and events in his life start with his upbringing as the Brahmins son, his experiences as a father, and the river.
             For years now, there has been the debate between nature versus nurture, and many have concluded that it is fact both, which is why Siddharthas upbringing is so profound in relevance to his journey. While Siddhartha is naturally kind, intelligent, and spiritually congenial, there is no doubt that had it not been for the ever-present love, encouragement, and guidance of those around him, like his parents and teachers, he would not be or would not want to reach enlightenment the way he does. More specifically, it could be assumed that Siddhartha would never become the perceptive man he is had it not been modeled for him by his father, a man .worthy of admiration; his manner quiet and noble (7), who is described as living .a good life, his words were wise; fine and noble thoughts dwelt in his head (7). Not only is Siddhartha taught well, but he also grew up in a loving environment, in fact, .everybody loved Siddhartha. He delighted and made everyone happy.

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