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The History of Anklets

             Thru the history many great emperors led their empires through war and peace. Many great empresses, princess, queens have ornamented history. Through the golden ages of art, years of war women have changed the history of ornamenting themselves in various ways like surface ornamentation and jewelry. Through the ages women is known for her purity and character, which is real, ornament for her to wear. Basing on this, I had chosen anklets as my topic. There are many other ornaments or different types of cultural trends to choose from but for me anklets are the ornaments that are trend and traditional. In history, the word anklet doesn't have proper derivation where it came from but it is a twinkling ornament to decorate feet, seen in use in Egypt, Europe and South Asia. Mainly women wear anklets, but history says that they are rare cases it was seen on men. Anklets are not only decorative but also meaningful in some places like India. In present day, Anklets are chain or bracelets worn around the ankles as a statement of fashion or tradition. The length of the anklet may vary from as tight as the leather strap to hang around the ankle for an inch. .
             Ancient Origins of Anklets.
             The usage of anklets of can be seen only in few major places in the world. .
             Ancient Anklets found in Mesopotamia .
             Middle East .
             Anklets always enhance the beauty of women and have also been an important part of women's adornment. Anthropological studies show that anklets are chased back to Mesopotamia today's modern day Kuwait and Iraq. It signified that women wore anklets to signify wealth of her husband and also as a symbol of status. But today people usually picture visualize anklet to be origin from Egypt due to the depiction of Egyptian women in Theological and chronological films. However Egyptian anklets were also been found and have been worn by both rich and the poor. Rich wore anklets with expensive metals and precious stones by showcasing their status, while poor wore amulets and display charms.

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