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Facing Addiction - Three True Stories

            Addiction is the condition factor of being addicted to a particular, substance, thing, or activity according to https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=define+addiction. There are many kinds of addiction, such as drugs, sex, video game, shopping, etc.(http://www.sobernation.com/22-diferent-types-of-addictions/). With video game addiction, for example, a survey of 1,178 American children and teenagers, aged 8 to 18, found that roughly one in 10 video game players (8.5 percent of American youth) show signs of addictive behavior. It is estimated that 88 percent of young people in the U.S. play video games, indicating that up to three million could be showing signs of addiction according to http://www.video-game-addiction.org/video-game-addiction-articles/new-facts-about-video-game-addiction-problem-more-widespread-than-expected.htm. Gwen, John, and Miguel surfaced several negative consequences while abusing drugs.
             Substance abuse led Gwen into many bad situations. To begin with, her first son had died of SIDS-Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Gwen broke down mentally, even as pretending that a Cabbage Patch Doll was her baby son. Also, she blamed herself for her son's death, wondering if her drug use had caused his health problems. Secondly, Gwen became violent behavior. Example, her boyfriend also became violent and tried get cash from her bra. She picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed him deep in the chest. Last of all, after staying clean for two years, she went back to using crack again. Because Darryl's father has AIDS, there is a chance Gwen and Darryl have it. Gwen failed a random urine test, violating the terms of her probation, and ended up in jail again.
             John experienced detrimental consequences as a result of his substance abuse. First of all, he lost a job. For example, John got fired after calling in "sick" on Monday too many times. Also, in other jobs, he was fired for not showing up and because of the lying about why he didn't show up.

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