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Public Learning Communities (PLC)

            The purpose of this article was to discuss how Public Learning Communities (PLC) can help strengthen the impact of physical education classes on students and teachers, and also allow there to be a starting point in which new physical education programs can develop. Throughout the years, physical education classes have been marginalized from the core curriculum in public schools due to many reasons, such as lack of administrative support, lack of opportunities for professional development, isolation, and demotion of subject matter. There are already many PLCs that operate for the other subjects taught in school, but P.E. seems to be thought as unimportant and is usually overlooked, leaving P.E. teachers in isolation and keeping them from effectively collaborating with other P.E. teachers. The researchers expected for PLCs to improve the impact of physical education classes in schools and provided a basis in which teachers are able to create a community of their own and expand it to other schools and districts. .
             PLCs are meant to provide a basis in which physical education teachers and others involved, such as administrators and students, are able to collaborate with one another and determine what curriculum ideas and approaches work best. In a PLC the main objective is to make sure that every student has learned the content of the class. To ensure that students are learning and the PLC is effective there are usually weekly meetings where the members discuss different teaching practices, share personal experiences, review current teaching literature, and interpret assessment results. The main purpose of the meetings are to point out what the PLC is already doing, what they are not doing, and what they could be doing to improve the students' learning environment. As the PLC keeps meeting they would have to constantly review and critique their performance up to that time and continuously make the necessary refinements to their current program.

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