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Methods of Parenting

            Parenting is something almost every human being must go through. There is truly no right or wrong technique to parenting. However, which technique one chooses drastically alters and shapes a child's personality, views, and subconscious. There are numerous types of parenting though none of them are perfect. The most common discussed parenting styles are: Authoritative and Permissive parenting styles. Parents should raise their children in an equitable environment because it leads to the child being independent, mature, and socially responsible.
             Parents play an important role in developing their children mentally and physically. Different parents take different approaches to guide their children. Some of them believe in giving freedom while some don't. According to Amy Chua mentioned in one of her articles "Why Chinese Mother are Superior" that there were many things that her daughters were not allowed to do, which includes attending a sleepover, having a playdate, complain about not being in a school play, watching T.V. or playing video games etc (219). This kind of restricted atmosphere, where a child is not allowed to pursue his own choice of interest in childhood may lead to impaired decisions making capability at the crucial junctures of his life. In response to Ms Chua's article, Manna Rosin, in her article "Mother Inferior?" quoted a very interesting point,"Why not wait for your children to show small spark of talent or interest in an activity before you force them to work at it for hours a day? What would be so bad if they followed their own interest?".
             Positive parenting can minimize the impact of negative influence on the early maturating age of the children. Imposing limits on children might not be the best way for a healthy upbringing. Parents should not pamper their children too much. A child should be encouraged to do his own share of work. Taking care of his responsibilities will provide the kind of experience that comes from only doing work.

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