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Ground Water Contamination

             Ground water contamination is a severe problem in the United States and all over the world. The municipal ´s waste landfills may be one of the many causes of the ground water contamination, since many of the old solid waste landfills in municipals were often situated over aquifers which did not have clay or synthetic liners and leachate like they are required to have now. Even the landfills that are closed may still be causing contamination in the ground water even though it is not noticeable. If the landfills were not capped with an impermeable material such as clay to prevent the leaching of contaminants by precipitation before its permanent closure the waste that were dumped in the landfill may be releasing some type of chemical that is contaminating the water. The wastes that are dumped in the municipal landfills may contain hazardous wastes even though they are supposed to be disposed in the hazardous waste landfills. These sometimes end up in the municipal landfills which can later cause problems since they are being disposed as solid waste instead as a hazardous waste and it's not being dumped in the proper landfill. .
             The people in the United States may not know that the tap water they are drinking from the faucet in their home is contaminated and may start to have some kind of health problem later on in their life or the health of their children may also be at risk. Ground water is an important source for the people in the United States not only because many of the population in the urban areas and in the rural areas drink the water, but also because the water is use for agriculture purposes. If the water continues to get contaminated by the chemicals that are released by the wastes in the landfills then the people will not be able to drink tap water, and the water may not be used for agriculture purposes. Many of the problems caused by the contamination of groundwater are that children are born with some kind of birth defect childhood cancer such as leukemia, women having miscarriages, and many other health problems.

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