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Blues and Early African American Religious Music

            It is impossible to define music as just an entertaining pastime. Music holds so much spiritual and emotional wisdom. By delving into the rich and passionate history of music as whole, it makes what more modern musicians are doing that much more impactful, because one can truly see where all of this came from, where the inspiration for everything originated. Jazz music in particular started and spread, and was changed and transformed along the way to make it the powerful art form we now know today. As slaves were brought to America, they brought their traditions and culture and introduced America to a brand new style of music (Davis WIJ, 15). However, just because different styles of music are branches of each other it does not mean that they are the same. If one closely inspects the relationship between African American religious music and the Blues, one can really see all of the vision behind them. There is a beautifully strong connection between early African American religious music and the music that is culturally accepted as the Blues. The two have really strong roots in the African American community. They share a lot of similarities when it comes to the actual music itself. "Theoretically speaking, it is impossible to separate African American religious music from blues " (Davis AAM, 117). This means that at their cores, the two genres are virtually inseparable. The main distinction between the two comes with the message that they are trying to send. It will be demonstrated and proven that when both histories are really dissected, it is clear why the two are so indisputably entangled.
             Music coming out of the era of slavery is now known as coming out of the time period dubbed the Great Awakening. Slaves were treated like they were malleable, like anything their owners wanted to change about them was easily accomplished. Obviously, religion was a huge factor, as slaves were forced to switch their religious beliefs.

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