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The Case of Lau vs. Nichols (1973)

            A civil case is a legal dispute pitching two or more parties. The process begins by a plaintiff filing a complaint to the federal court. The court then orders the plaintiff to serve the defendant or defendants with a copy of the complaint. The process of a civil suit begins with the discovery whereby both the litigants provide information related to the case such as related documentation and where applicable, witnesses. The aim of a civil suit is for the litigants to declare and protect their legal and constitutional rights besides seeking for restitution in case harm or injury is causes.
             Parties to the case: The Lau vs Nichols case was argued on 10th, December 1973 nd decided on 21st, January 1974. Kinney Kimmon Lau was the plaintiff while the San Francisco United School in California was the defendant.1 .
             The primary concern in the case was the discrimination of over one thousand eight hundred students of Chinese ancestry.2 The Chinese students' right to education was infringed since the schools only taught in English and was thus only friendly to the natives. .
             The use of bilingual instructions within the public school system of the United States of America was central to the main issue. Integration of both the native and nonnative speakers of English in the public school system had to be made since the students were either advantaged or disadvantaged by their cultural origin and educational institutions were obliged to grant them equity.
             The court of Appeal, ninth court, ruled that San Francisco Unified School did not insubordinate the provisions entrenched in the Civil Rights Act, Section 601 (McPherson 2000). The school had abided by the state decree of 1971 to integrate all the students of Chinese ancestry into mainstream classes. The court also ruled that the San Francisco Unifies schools was a public school and should operate under the public school system and stipulated in Section 71 of the American constitution.

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