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Children and Obesity

            As a concern with childhood obesity arise, it is becoming a big social problem. According to Doug Tynan in the article, "Whose responsibility is childhood obesity?"" (2011), it is one of the major reasons for the rising cost of health care. Then who is at fault of childhood obesity? Should we blame general society or parents? We definitely have issues in our society that boost children's risk of obesity such as fancy junk food advertising which mainly targeting children, gym classes being cut, and video game sports replacing real sports. It seems like it is a tough thing to drive our children into good health habits, but the responsibility to reduce childhood obesity and live healthier lives mainly falls with the parents.
             Better educated parents feed their children well. No matter there is so many unhealthy food advertisings and restaurants, as Tynan says, "What we eat, and what we feed our children is our choice. " (2011, para.3) Of course good parents want good nutrition for their children since nutrition plays important key role for health. Then how can parents make sure their children are eating a balanced, healthy diet? Parents can learn what adequate nutrition is for their children at their development level. Also, parents need to know how to cook properly to maintain nutrition well from the original resources. You don't need to go to community centre or college to take courses. It is simple as you sit in front of computer for couple of hours and you can learn about nutrition and healthy eating. Government of Canada or Health Canada websites has precious information. You can make well educated decisions that better you and your children's lives when make a meal plan and buy at the grocery.
             Parents have responsibility to help their children to develop good eating habits. When parents know what the good nutrition is and they cook every well balanced healthy diet. But what if your children only eat deep fried food or sweets? All your efforts to feed your children healthy will go down the drain.

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