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Psychology Debate: I Am Sam

            Sam is developmentally disabled as he is an autistic individual and his mental capacity is that of a seven year old, whereas his daughter, Lucy is a normal child and progressively develops according to her age.  As Lucy nears her seventh birthday, her development surpasses that of her father. Lucy's teacher is worried and displays her concern regarding Lucy to Sam as she states, Lucy's developmental progress is being hindered as a result of Sam's disability. According to the teacher, Lucy is observed holding herself back and unable to achieve her full potential due to her father's autistic nature. The impact of Sam's disability on Lucy is often witnessed. For instance, when Lucy read a new book to Sam and she came across the word "difficult" which Sam was unable to read, she hesitated to read it and eventually said, she does not know what the word is. There are two things wrong with that; a. She was lying and b. Because of the morals she has, she was obstructing her own development. All along the course of this case, Lucy was frequently witnessed lying on several occasions. It is evident that she recognizes lying as a wrong act because once while lying in court, she crossed her fingers as a form of justification. But even then, she continued to repeatedly lie afterwards, putting forth the idea that Sam failed to teach her the importance of always telling the truth which further created for her a perspective where she prioritized being with her father more than speaking nothing but the truth. In Lucy's eyes, her want which in this case, was the union of her and her father held way more importance and was of far more significance than the necessity of abiding by the truth. This was as a result of the upbringing by her father who himself is so poorly morally developed, how could one expect Lucy to turn out any better. Sam did try his best to raise Lucy but with his disability, his best definitely is not enough as the morals that Sam managed to instill in Lucy led her to lying repeatedly and prioritizing incorrectly.

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