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Sexism and the Female Recording Artist

            When listening to the artist, Miley Cyrus, the most prominent course concepts that stand out are gender and sexuality. Within the late 60s and early 70s, sexuality portrayed in music became more and more popular and women began to express their sexuality that was no longer orchestrated by standards set by men. Although some female artists had defied the definitions of female sexuality, artists such as Cher, Donna Summer, Grace Jones, and Chaka Khan introduced different sexual forms to popular culture. These women of the 70s believed that they had full control of their sexualities and would therefore flaunt their bodies to sell more records. In today's society, the effects of sexism on female artists in the music industry are highlighted greatly, and Miley Cyrus, like the women of the 70s, challenges the previously accepted gender norms, creating her own identity within her music.
             Without question, many female artists in society sell sex within their raunchy lyrics and performances, as a means of making a larger profit. Miley Cyrus has blossomed into an icon of female sexuality, specifically with the release of her new album Bangerz, shedding her formerly innocent image becoming increasingly bold with each song she releases. She asserts herself as the dominant party and an empowered woman who refuses to serve patriarchal ideologies. For example, the song "Get It Right ", the lyrics range from sappy to explicit, singing what seems to be a sex song. Within the song, she describes parts of a mans body that she likes looking at, the sexual feelings she gets while she is with him, and what she wants to do with him. Although lyrics are a key factor in Miley expressing sexuality in her music, she uses more-so entertainment to get more fans to attend her concerts. .
             Miley Cyrus partakes in many over sexual performances whether it is in concert, a music video, or even on television. A concert nowadays on the Bangerz Tour not only starts off with her sliding down a "tongue slide ", but it consists of increasingly raunchy antics such as twerking, faux- masturbating with a foam finger, and lastly simulating sexual acts on stage.

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