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The Meaning of Hope

            What is the real meaning of hope? This word can be so strong to some they believe that without hope we have nothing and to others it may mean something totally different, is hope just wishful thinking, or is it as some would say optimism.
             To have hope in something or a situation is a good feeling it lets us look forward to the next day, hope lets us know that there is something good to come. One of the lady's I take care of was diagnosed with cancer she has never had a major problem in her life until this hit her. But yet she is always smiling and making jokes, she has such a positive attitude towards things in her life and the situation she is going through. I have talked with her plenty of times and she has always told me that she has god and hope on her side and these two thing is what makes her look forward to the next days to come. because of her having hope it brings her spirits up it changes the way she views her situation, other people and the world. Hope helps people live it gives us that little bit of what we need to make it through the days, weeks, months and years it is that little piece of positive outlook. When someone like her is in a bad situation and they make it out of it no matter how long or how hard it was but they ended up beating the odds I'm sure they sit and think how was this possible and the only word that would come to my mind would be hope. Hope would be that surprise. How could someone live without hope in the world that we live in it seems that so many people have life problems and negativity, people today are trapped into there own fears, thoughts and feeling about succeeding in life, being a good parent and working towards the right path. We need that light at the end of the tunnel we need that shield that's going to block out the negative thinking. This little four letter word "HOPE" is our ray of light from our own darkness it helps us believe in something more, that something good will come.

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