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Glaucon and Injustice in Plato's Republic

             Throughout Book II of the Plato's Republic, Glaucon is extremely infatuated about understanding the exact meaning of justice; this is important because through courage, Glaucon will go on endlessly about how highly he speaks of injustice, in order to get Socrates's refutation on what the true meaning of justice is. First I will begin to present the positions in which Glaucon is arguing for: what people believe justice is and its origins, how people practice justice unwillingly as something necessary and that people who live an unjust life, live a much better life than a just person. Then I will provide my analysis on these arguments, relate these arguments to real examples of my own and evaluate his Glaucon's claim that those who don't act unjustly when they can do so with impunity are "wretched and stupid". Thus, Glaucon's argument of a natural man, who has no conscience to refute injustice, holds exceptional amount of truth through the evidence that he offers; but I personally disagree with Glaucon's arguments because I do not feel that an injustice life is better long-term, nor more courageous than a just life. .
             Glaucon's brings up his first point of his argument by saying that justice is formed from injustice.1 He elaborates that in humanity, people will do whatever it takes to be more successful than any other person. This is called Pleonektein; when one of great power always wants to out due another person.2 Glaucon believes that the consequences triumph the rewards and reveals that laws and rulers facilitate the creation of justice by enforcing good. Thus, he leads into his next point that people don't inherently chose justice over injustice because they are a good person, but because they laws influence them to make their decision. Glaucon's second argument states that because laws are put into society, people will be obligated to follow these rules and not choose to follow them because of their own freedom.

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