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Documented Religious Views on War

            War and religion are two entities that have existed since the dawn of mankind. The major world religions provide insights on the morality of war and conditions of allowance. Certain religions for example the Hebrew and Christian scriptures claim people who make peace are loved by God, while others such as the First Sikh mention war is lawful with a conflict cannot be solved peacefully. Other religions take a middle ground on war like the Quran which provides guidelines on which conditions make war acceptable. On the opposite spectrum some religions offer rewards of heaven for dying in battle. Upon careful review of select texts of the major world religions it is important to review each religion's stance on war, however; there is more information that is needed to formulate a final jurisdiction. .
             First, it is important to recall from history all the wars begun in the name of religion. The first documents to be discussed contain allowance for war or discuss details concerning the carrying out of war. Taken from a selection of Confucian analects, "13:29 The Master said, "Let a good man teach the people seven years, and they may then likewise be employed in war." Also from this selection comes, "13:30 The Master said, "To lead an uninstructed people to war is to throw them away." Both quotations concern the training of people going to war. There is more information needed to clearly form a reliable opinion of the Confucian religion on war. It neither mentions the morality of war or anything besides that sending untrained people to war is wasteful. The next quotation is inserted from statements made by the first Sikh Guru, "No one is my enemy/No one is a foreigner/With all I am at peace/God within us renders us/Incapable of hate and prejudice." This statement implies that he is against war because of the clause, "With all I am at peace." The next phrase is quoted from words by the Tenth and Last guru, "When all efforts to restore peace prove useless/and no words avail/Lawful is the flash of steel/It is right to draw the sword.

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