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Advertising to Hungry Americans

            Everyone is aware of the ongoing feud between Burger King and McDonald's. Both fast-food companies make more money a day than any of us could even imagine. But what makes them so popular? Perhaps it has to do with their marketing strategies. Both fast-food companies make excellent use of their advertisements, using color, font, and imagery to appeal to their target audiences, but which billboard is more effective? There are a lot of interesting billboards and ads for these fast-food companies, but the selections for this essay include the third billboard image from each Google Images search, to have an impartial and random sample. These images are as follows: .
             The first one, a red McDonald's ad featuring an Egg McMuffin, employs several different strategies to convince the target audience "hungry Americans "to eat their food. A giant picture of an Egg McMuffin leaves a lasting memory of the image in viewers' minds, causing many people to crave McDonald's without knowing why. The background color, red, stimulates hunger in human minds. No matter the degree to which your stomach is filled, the combination of seeing the red background with the very detailed Egg McMuffin will have you craving McDonald's all day. .
             The words on this advertisement also play a key role in convincing the target audience to eat their food. It starts out with a general fact: "You have about 10,000 tastebuds. " As short as the text on this billboard is, these words act as a hook. It piques curiosity, and drives us to finish reading instead of glancing away. The last sentence, "Use them all, " is a command, an order from the unarguable authority of the billboard, to eat something delicious. Clearly, from the picture of McDonald's food, and the logo in the bottom right corner, it is supposed to refer to the food being offered by McDonald's. The lowercase letters throughout the billboard make the command seem less direct, and more of a suggestion, and the stark white letters against the red background draw your eyes to the words at the center.

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