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Synthesis Essay - The Consequences of Cheating

            Everyone at some point in their life has done it. That moment when you sneak a peek at the person's paper right next to you, so you can get a good grade. It's human nature to want to do well and succeed. People feel entitled to cheat because it's ok at that moment or it is not wrong. Who is going to care, right? As meaningless as it sounds, cheating has become rooted in our society and individuals have come to believe that it is ok and not ethically wrong, on the contrary it is fine if it will help you be successful. Though it may seem alright at the moment it something that we should all work on to eliminate by staying true to ourselves and others. Cheating is not going to get you anywhere in life, even if it helps you get that A+ or to make your life easier.
             A true example of cheating or lying getting you nowhere in life is using drugs to win a race or accomplish a life goal. Lance Armstrong confessed to the public through Oprah Winfrey that not only did he use EPO and blood dope throughout his career, but that it was impossible to win seven tours de France as he did, without drugs. Cheating his way through with drugs was Lance's way of winning all of those races. Armstrong "views this whole situation as one big lie that I repeated a lot of times (Source 1). Lance Armstrong had been spending the last 15 years fervently denying any assertions of his anti-doping violations and attacking his critics. Lance has been going his whole career living in scrutiny and lies. Armstrong completely regrets his decision because he knows that his road to forgiveness is going to be rocky. In an interview with Oprah Louis Armstrong's admitted to his ruthless desire to win led him to a life of unlawful decisions (Source 4). Lance was completely stripped of his titles through this decision. If that's what you call winning then Lance Armstrong is in first place.
             It's completely normal to find yourself tempted to cheat, even when you are under a lot of pressure.

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