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Twelve Angry Men - Through a Critical Lens

            "A jury must bear in mind that when they try a case, they are themselves on trial," Philo stated. In the play 12 Angry Men, by Reginald Rose, the jurors show their emotions quite clearly, either keeping under control or not. People may agree or disagree with Philo's statement. The setting may antagonize the characters' attitude or another juror may antagonize another juror. They are showing their characters. The above quote means when a jury tries a case, they must think that they are going to show who they really are. They are going to show their personality. All of the jurors do so in "Twelve Angry Men." Each person is being tested on their moral integrity. They have to be honest with themselves first before they can be honest with others. They have to convince themselves to take out any prejudices they have of others, so they can focus on the facts. Only then they could speak about the facts with the other jurors.
             People may agree or disagree with Philo's statement. People mostly agree because anybody can be irritated by anything. When someone is irritated they seem to show their personality more and more. A juror has to put the irritation aside so they can be honest with themselves and with the other jurors. For example, if somebody is sleeping they might be grumpy when they get up. The sun may get them irritated because it is too bright. This is not the case in "Twelve Angry Men." The jurors are irritated by the heat because it is a hot day in the summer and they are in a small jury room with eleven other men without air-conditioning. The jurors have a tough time putting the irritation aside. The jurors therefore, get angry if someone says something they do not agree with. The jurors can either bear the heat or not. .
             Juror Two shows his personality in "Twelve Angry Men." He is easily swayed by opinions other than his own. Juror Two has no confidence in himself and his own beliefs.

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