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Greco-Roman Ideas in the Italian Renaissance

            When the Italian Renaissance occurred, this marked the beginning of the rebirth of a society long gone. Those alive during this magnificent Renaissance began to adopt the ideas, philosophies and beliefs that once belonged to the Greeks and Romans. These Greco-Roman methods of believing and living helped shape progress for not only Italy, but the entire world as well. Renaissance quite simply can be defined as 'rebirth', and in this case, the Italian society was rebirthing the ways of the Greco-Roman past. One method by which these ancient ideas crept into Italy was by the fall of Constantinople in 1453. When this fall occurred, many Greek scholars sought refuge in the country of Italy and naturally passed along their teachings and culture. While this was partly an explanation, the truth is that the Greco-Roman culture was always alive; it was being kept alive in the monasteries. Another way that Greco-Roman beliefs thrived within the Italian Renaissance was by way of two Italian authors named Dante and Petrarch, who lived in the early 1300's. These classical ways of thought were being used all throughout Italy as a result of this 'rebirth'. The Italians would draw inspiration from Greek and Roman forms when creating works or art or architecture. Writers of history and politics used these classical beliefs and philosophies as examples to get their points across. Another very important way the beliefs of Greece and Rome thrived within this renaissance was in the field of science. This Greco-Roman ruling allowed for a rivalry to be created between the renaissance thinkers and authorities of the church. Because this rivalry existed, it progressed thought processes eventually driving people away from the bondage of strict medieval thought and towards a scientific revolution. Everything was becoming less about the church and religion; instead, the ways of life and ideas being adopted for more secular in nature.

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