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Women in Paleolithic Times

            In Paleolithic hunting and gathering societies women were integral to the success of the community. What were the various contributions women made that allowed for this success?.
             A common thought when one thinks about prehistoric humans is "hunter/gatherers ". The men go out and hunt for food, while the women stay back and help keep up shelter or take care of kids. But due to recent study and research of these times many archaeologists are discovering women played a much bigger role in history, and were in fact a major contribution to the growth of human society. .
             It is now known and concluded by anthropologists across the globe that during "stone-age " times women accounted for up to 80 percent of the food collection, while men only collected 20. This mainly had to do with hunting being a rigorous and dangerous process, taking a week usually and then letting oneself to rest for up to three weeks after. These conclusions of women's contribution to society can be proven with the teeth of prehistoric skulls, which show nuts, fruit and grains were major diet foods, and not meat. .
             Women are also now thought of as the inventors of tools and weapons, due to recent beliefs that gathering became before hunting, and so women had to design tools to help them do so. Along with this, women probably designed the first pots and carrying devices. These could carry food or other recourses when gathering away from home. Known as a "Swag bag " these prehistoric purses could be flung over the shoulder and either carry food and supplies or hold children. Cloths can be dated and found as early as 9000 B.C.E.
             Women most likely are also credited with coming up with language and social organization. It is known that babies learn language from their mother and secondarily from their father. Mothers also come together to help raise kids and create social interactions, and are the major caretakers of offspring. Knowing this and knowing the impact these interactions have on a child it is safe to say with all the evidence these claims are very likely to be true.

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