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Popol Vuh - Quich of the Guatemala

            The Popol Vuh is a written narrative of the post classic kingdom known as Quich of the Guatemala western mountain ranges. The text itself was written by a branch of Maya nobility, prior to 1524 when the Spanish conquistadors arrived. Quich is an oral language, and very few people can speak or write it, hence why it was left to nobility to record their history. The Maya had lived in this region for more than two thousand years, however, the Popol Vuh suggests that a militaristic group known as the Cavec-Quich dominated the region. This group arrived around the time of Chichen Itzas collapse which historians estimate to be around 1221. Chichen Itza was an influential group located towards the northern region of the Yucatan Peninsula. The forefathers were able to dominate most of western Guatemala and extended from the Pacific ocean to the Peten rain forest in the east. The Quich absorbed the culture, language, and traditions of the smaller villages they encountered, making them a diverse, rich culture.
             Written texts usually have an author or multiple authors, that are referred to by a name. The Popol Vuh differs, the authors were unnamed and in text they referred to themselves as we. The Popul Vuh is a traditional Mesoamerican text, being that it does not refer to European settlers, or mention their arrival, but solely speaks about the Quich culture. The Quich were smart when it came to protecting their literature and ancient books, from Spanish conquerers. To prevent the loss of these precious accounts, they hid them in secret. The Popol Vuh is assumed to have been composed in present day Santa Cruz del Quich. Interestingly, it appears that the authors were taught the Latin alphabet, after Christian missionaries reached the highlands of Guatemala. .
             The Popol Vuh has a poetic nature, and is written not based on rhyme of metrical rhythms, but rather the arrangement of concepts into innovative and even ornate parallel structures.

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