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Avatar - Research Paper

            The story of Avatar has many layers and themes which add to the story and make it pop. Avatar is visually stimulating with all of its grand scenes and colors, but it also stimulates the mind with all of its deep and hidden themes and aspects. The movie demands your attention through its changes in theme and color. There are hidden themes such as racism, which then transition to a more simple obvious theme like "the good guy always wins ". The main theme in the movie is the theme of imperialism between humans and the Na'vi. The director of the film, James Cameron said Avatar is "certainly about imperialism in a sense that.people with more military power and technological powers tend to supplant or destroy people who are weaker.for resources. " (Fick 2) The story is about a man caught in an internal tug-o-war. After his brother's death, Jake Sully takes his place on a scientific expedition to a distant moon known as Pandora. Jake gets recruited by a cut throat mining company to get rid of the natives, but he ends up becoming attached to the natives and leads their rise against the humans. The characters are what elevates the story to make it a success. There are three types of characters that help define the story, the protagonist, antagonist, and symbolic characters. .
             Jake Sully establishes himself as the protagonist early on in the story. He is a dynamic protagonist. He is presented with an onslaught of problems from beginning to end. The conflicts help to mold Jake into a dynamic character as he converts from a military man, "who came from Earth to rape the planet, only to find that he is actually destined to protect it. "(Kirkeby 5). The second type of character that defines the story is the antagonist presented in the form of Colonel Quaritch, "the character [that] doesn't seem to have any mode other than full-tilt destruction "(Kirkeby 5). Quaritch is the man who is in charge of all things military.

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