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Disneyfication and Convergence

            Media and Marketing go hand in hand, this can be seen when reading "Convergence: News production in a Digital Age " and "Disneyfication of Children's Culture They also play a key role in what type of audience is targeted and influenced. In "Convergence ", the author Eric Klinenberg discusses the evolution of media in the news from 1970 to the 2000's. He uses a company called "Metro News " as an example and shows the company's evolution of different types of news media. While in "Disneyfication ", author Henry A. Giroux states that Disney films or animated films in general inspire as much cultural authority as public schools, family and religious institutions do. (pg. 66) Analyzing Disney as a corporation and its films, he is able to explain to us how Disney shapes children and to a certain extent; America. Both of these readings allow us to notice the change in media and its power in society.
             As mentioned before, "Convergence " mainly discusses the evolution of media in the news. Klinenberg notes that media and communications is a large part of society. While reading this passage we are also made aware of how media companies evolve and how they are able to promote multiple products by using each other's products. (pg. 427) Klinenberg also discusses about how as technology used at MetroNews changed so did the newsroom. As the television industry is introduced many writers and newspaper companies begin to fear loss of ratings and end up merging with or creating television channels to keep their audience, which in turn creates more responsibilities in the newsroom. We then realize that all these changes in news reporting have created many complications since the reporters don't have enough time to think and research the stories; this leads to "Target Marketing ". (pg. 431-432) Due to the fact that many of us want to know what our neighbors or a celebrity is doing, news media targets a specific group and relays the "news " to them.

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