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The Victorian Hairwork Age

             The Victorian Age gives the impression it was an age for proper formal behavior, and that behavior is upheld by modern popular culture through movies and television. It was an age where men and women courted with chaperones. The language men and women used in writing letters to one another were flowery and passionate. Rich people had mansions or palaces full of servants. It is an age where womens clothing bound and tortured countless of them with wire bustles covering their behinds. The bustles were made that way to emphasize womens hips as suitable for childbearing. Womens torsos were bound in whalebone corsets made to trim a womens waist down to eighteen inches so that her tiny waist was a contrast to her hips. They were so bound up with corsets that at times the tightness could make women faint for lack of air. It was an Age where women suffered from vapors. It was an era full of dark wallpapers and heavy velvety drapes in dark colors. The furniture was also dark, made of mahogany or cherry wood and had intricate designs carved into some of the pieces. Families in the Victorian Age were large, but as the century went on family size began to shrink. Supposedly, women thought sex a chore and only had sex with their husbands to procreate. .
             Some of the aforementioned items are true, but some of them are not. People have been taught some untruths about the Victorian Age. One big fallacy about the Age is that Victorians did not like sex when in fact they did. Sex and sexuality fairly simmered just below the surface where it stayed hidden but percolating. Another thing Victorians loved was writing letters. Most of the letters remaining from the Victorian Age are from women to women friends. Men also wrote other men in the Age using the same type of passionate language that women used. Whatever the Age it started off much like the age previous to it, and it ended up being a well-developed industrial age at the end of the century.

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