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Homework Synthesis Essay

            For as long as anyone can remember, homework has always been apart of going to school. In the past years, many efforts have been made to improve education. Such attempts include assigning more homework from students in kindergarten to 12th grade. Many people agree with this thought, while others claim that heavier loads of homework do more harm than good. Many say that more homework causes more stress on students and families. More homework can affect not only family life but also, social life and extracurricular activities.
             Source A is an excerpt from the author of "The Homework Myth". It is believed that there is no evidence that homework benefits students below high school years. Standardized test should not be a useful measure, and for elementary school kids more homework is not associated with doing better in school. There are studies that show a slight relationship between homework and test scores. There is no study that has confirmed that homework benefits people. More homework for kids also causes more stress, less time for activites, and not enough time for exercise and rest. Source A has made many great points in the excerpt. There is no positive outcome of more homework except more stress on the child. There would be an effect on the childhood and the pleasure of being a kid. .
             The author of source C believes that homework is important. There is data that states that the typical student does not spend more than an hour on homework, the homework load has not changed since the 1980s, and that parents would rather see homework increased. Research shows that homework is positive for students. Students in high school do more homework because they enjoy to do so. Students in elementary school may do more homework because they are behind and may need to catch up. I do not agree with this author. I believe that if a student needs extra help it should be given to him or her in school with a teacher and not at home on their own time.

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