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Mikhail Gorbachev and Deng Xiaoping

            Mikhail Gorbachev and Deng Xiaoping were two powerful men seeking for a reform plan for their own countries. Gorbachev's Reform consisted in allowing the people to have more personal freedom, a tiny bit more democratic and promoting choice and liberty. While Xiaoping's way was very similar to Gorbachevs, personal freedom was obviously part of his plan but especially not his main focus,instead he set certain limits when it came to people's freedom. Such limits granted him more power, which allowed him to have more control over people and their way of living. Both of these recognize the need to change, but pursue to implement changes that tested the developed interests of their own communist parties. .
             Perestroika was created by Mikhail Gorbachev and started in the late 1980s. Perestroika meant restructuring, referring to the restructuring of the economic system of the Soviet Union. Meaning it would reform both the economic and political control over the Soviet Union. Mikhail knew that when a community is less controlled by the government they become happier with their ruling system, and that gave him the idea of keeping business controlled by the population without the government managing every type of matter. This changed the Soviet Union; it became a political movement of the communist Party in 1986. The main objective of the perestroika was not to end the command economy but to make socialism work effectively to help the needs of Soviet people. Although perestroika made an enormous change in the Soviet Union, Gorbachev presented this plan to have control over people who would take advantage of the system, like freeloaders. In other words, those who lacked of ambition and determination would just benefit from what was granted to them without having to do any type of work. It was plain obvious to Gorbachev that the conformed and mediocre people would lose their personal interest in showing effort and would end up taking advantage of the socialist system.

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