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Attending an In-State College or University

            As your high school years come to an end, you are faced with the big decision you've been waiting for your whole life, which college you should attend for the next 4 years. Not only which school but the location of the school should be one of the many major decision factors.  In- state colleges are affordable, and a better choice for students when faced with which college they should attend. While deciding on which college you want to attend, you tend to realize that it is very expensive. In-state colleges are better for those who may not meet the financial requirement for college. Luckily for students in that situation, in- state colleges offer grants, scholarships and financial aid. In some cases, more money is given to students who stay in their home state for school. According to (freeby50.com) "Universities that cost $19,000 or more gave aid to 43.2% people.".  .
             Another reason why an in-state college is preferred is because tuition is offered and is cheaper for to the college attendee. The tuition is specified to be cheaper for students residing in the state where the college is located. These colleges want to keep students in their home state, so they offer them a lower tuition than those students who would leave to attend an out of state college. (trends.collegeboard.org) indicates that the "Average in-state published tuition and fees at public four- year institutions is $8,893 in the years 2013-14". Not only is tuition, and scholarships both important factors but also the location is a very important factor on which college to attend. If you attend an in-state school, chances are you are going to be attending school close to home. Which indeed makes traveling home for the holidays, on the weekends, or if there were ever an emergency, easier and cheaper. If you attend a college really close to your home, you could even commute to class, which would save you a lot of money on room and board fees.

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