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The Constant Fire: Beyond the Science and Religion Debate

            What is the constant fire? What does it represent? Why can it not be extinguished? The Constant Fire represents the steady debate between science and religion. The debate between science and religion will never fully be over, because there will never be a complete agreement on whether or not science or religion is responsible for something. Contrasting science and religion will make one question one's faith: even if their beliefs do not waiver in the end. Adam Frank was one of those firm believers in his faith, devoted; but what he believed in was not religion but the practice of science. Most of the world are disciples of God, but Adam was a disciple of the universe. He sees science as superior to religion. His deepened personal experiences with science is what motivated him to write his book.
             It all started when Adam Frank fell in love with astronomy at the age of five. .
             Years later, this love for the narrow subject of astronomy turned into the passion for the broad realm of science. Adam knew that him delving into this subject would infuriate some people like it always did, but he still proceeded. He wasn't a master of the debate between science and religion; he just devoted himself to his readings to explore the subjects more widely, so he can use as much detail as possible in this book. This book is mostly about science and the human spiritual "constant fire, " as Adam calls it, and the way they build their lives according to what they understand to be real. His goal in this book is to lay out an argument that two great subjects arising from a common ground. At their best they can have a common purpose. This paper will review Frank's book as well as his main arguments involving the debate on science and religion. Also evaluating the quality of Adam Frank's writing and any weaknesses within the book.
             Frank starts off at a week-long conference on star formation at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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