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German Philosopher - Friedrich Nietzsche

            Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) was an influential German Philosopher famous for his writings on good and evil, the demise of religion in the modern society. He also wrote on the concept of Superman. Born in Rocken in German on October 15, 1844 he attended a private predatory school where he intended to train as a clergy. He excelled in his academic studies and joined the University of Bonn however transferred to University of Leipzig where he studied history, a combination of literature, philology and liguistics.Nietzsche started suffering from migraine headache which became a major complication in his whole adult life. This led to his early dismissal from the army in 1868.
             However thought to be a brilliant student he offered a job to chair classical philology at a tender age of 24.He was forced by his health to retire early from the job. Influenced by the writings of other famous philosophers he began his writing career. Nietzsche faced many adversities in life as a philosopher, the worst being stateless for the rest of his life. This made him to spend most of his time writing in Switzerland where he published nine books. This was between 1872 and 1888 which enabled him prepare other books for publication. Nietzsche lived in seclusion between this time which was productive for him as a thinker and writer.
             His first publication was the book The Birth of Tragedy were he identified human beings as a subject to Dionysian instincts with insensible desires and tremendously self-destructive behavior. Dionysian and Apollonian are his main point of view in this book as he thought them to be opposes of given principles of sobriety. This was their destructive drive. Thus Spoke Zarathustra was his best publication. It was published in three phases between 1883 and 1885.The central thinking in this book is the ˜will to power'. He opposed the ideas of human revolution as stated by Charles Darwin.

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