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Objective of the Transition Year

             The objective of Transition Year is to promote personal, social, educational and vocational skills of an individual and to make them autonomous, participative, responsible and aware members of society. .
             In this document I will reflect how my year in this school has complied with the department of education's statement on TY's objectives.
             Many activities were offered by this school for TY students and I participated partially in those activities. School trips to universities were opportunities that I took with avidness i.e. the trip to NUI Galway, Queens and UCD. In those excursions I participated fully and I thought the exposure to university life was significant. .
             The poetry slam and eagles flying were also participated by me. The modules and subjects in transition year was participated by me. But some activities were not participated by me such as physical activities such as the surfing module in September simply because it wasn't my type of sport and I wasn't keen on it. Some extracurricular activities were also not participated by me such as after school rugby and athletics.
             Throughout the year I acquired new skills, In the start of the Transition Year I learned how to play chess and stratagems encompassing the game, in the few weeks of work experience I developed many skills. I did my work experience in Sligo General hospital and Protek medical LTD. During my 2 weeks in the hospital I got an exposure into various fields of medicine e.g. pathology, histology, nephrology, cardiology, otolaryngology, gastroenterology. Throughout those 2 weeks I imbibed an good amount of information. I learned what and EEG and ECG graph was and I also learned the irregularities of those graphs, I observed patients with disorders, communication skills with staff was also cultivated.
             In my 2nd work experience in Protek medical I also acquired skills such as dealing with quality engineering and management, managing paperwork, checking the quality of products, measuring lengths of syringes, using CNCs, using ACR calibrators etc.

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