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Community Policing in Indianapolis

            The key issues facing the Indianapolis Police Department were: violence associated with drug trafficking, high levels of property crime, prostitution, domestic violence, gang-related violence and gun trafficking. The program goals included reducing crime rates, increasing quality of life and improving the socioeconomic status of communities. This program took place in the western district of Indianapolis and was concentered into the three neighborhoods of Haughville, Hawthorne and Stringtown. All three neighborhoods were selected due to their high crime rates and their affiliation in the Westside Cooperative Organization or WESCO.
             According to Chandler (2000) "WESCO is a nonprofit umbrella organization for civil associations and other community groups. It serves as a conduit for Federal, State and local funding for the community based program and coordinates much of the social, political, and economic activities in the western area of the city. " To realize these goals the Indianapolis Police Department partner with them, together working as one, Indianapolis Police Department knew also that it was going to be a challenge.
             Describe the research and approach the agency took to make changes.
             To face these challenges, the department came up with different approaches and there were several research programs that happened during the Weed and Seed Initiative. The first approach to implement change in the department was the hiring of a new Police Chief. He had two main focuses: improving the quality of life for the citizens and the professionalization of the force. His goal was to return to the basics through the implementation of these new focuses. Along with this, the commanding officers were encouraged to come up with different ways to .
             combat crime, such as the application of crime analysis and problem solving policies. The new Police Chief's next step was the focus on building true relationships with the community with the goal of making the community and police force allies.

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