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Biography of Peter the Great

            During the 17th century Russia was viewed as a country that was barbaric and backwards by most of the major powers in Europe. That was not the case after the reign of Peter the Great had ended. When Peter Alexeyevich was born in 1672, Russia was stuck in an out-dated state of mind. In fact, during his tenure he often butted heads with the traditional majority which caused Russian society to split into two groups. The groups were the Westernized elite and the traditional majority, and it has been said that the cultural transformation of the majority would have been unrealistic even if he had wanted to, which historians do not know. His modernization efforts often met stern and strong opposition but with time there was some innovations that caught on and gained supporters. Peter the great is one of Russia's greatest rulers, as he turned around a country despite fierce opposition from within its own borders. Politically, culturally, educationally, and even strategically, Peter transformed Russia into a power for years to come.
             In the eyes of Peter the Great, Russia was in need of many reforms. Sadly, by the time he had passed away there were no lasting improvements. Before Peter had taken command Russia had a very backwards and barely functioning government. Peter believed that Russia's lack of a productive government was holding it back from progressing. Although he had made many changes, the Russian government never really changed because Peter was an autocrat and believed that every decision should go through him. He had a civil service system in place but Peter would much rather use his military to enforce laws and regulations. While he also made many reforms in the government, the autocrat also made some changes in regards to the Church administration. Many of his church reforms reflected in general outlook. He wanted and expected the Church to cater to the public good and the interests of the empire.

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