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Analysis Paper - Notorious

             Notorious is a 1946 American made movie, which was directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock. The movie itself is a spy thriller film that's key characters are three people whose lives become entangled during an espionage operation. Alfred Hitchcock is known for his distinctive directorial style, innovative film editing, and pioneering the use of the camera movement mimicking a form of voyeurism. Hitchcock regularly starred Carey Grant and Ingrid Berman in his movies; however, Notorious also starred Claude Rains. Carey Grant, who plays government agent T. R. Devlin (Dev), is considered one of classic Hollywood's leading men due to his accent, debonair demeanor, and over all good looks. Ingrid Bergman plays Alicia Huberman who is the daughter of a convicted Nazi spy, was considered one of Hollywood's greatest leading actresses; and brought exceptional beauty and intelligence to any film. Claude Rains, who plays Alex Sebastian who is a friend of her fathers and leaders of the group being spied on, is most notable for his role in Casablanca. The film Notorious was Hitchcock's first attempt to bring his creative talents to a serious love story of two men in love with one woman, and he does so through his known attention to details, captivating the audience.
             Part 2: Cinematography Analysis.
             Alfred Hitchcock's use of editing and highlighting the suspense is what kept plot advancing. One of the key editing techniques used continuity editing. The scene peaks at the end through a series of long shots interspersed with shorter point-of-view shots. An example would be scene of Alicia, the key, the bathroom door, and her husband; the use of rhythm keeps the audience immensely aware of the game of cat and mouse that is being played between Alicia and her husband. The second type of editing is called elliptical editing, which casually advances the audience through the plot. An example of this would start with the time of Dev and Alicia's meeting to the night of the party; and again when the still shot of the mansion dissolves into the shot of inside the house.

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