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Essay on Black Women Workers

            Women who are also mothers are considered less desirable and dependable. These women tend to lack promotional opportunities and tend to start at lower salaries. Mothers also tend to experience a wage penalty, which can be considered a function of employer discrimination. These women tend to be harassed and mistreated by supervisors and coworkers. Employers also assume most women workers are mothers even though they do not have children. Such stereotypes are made to imply that women are not devoted to their work as much as men are. Women of color, specifically black women fall victim to these stereotypes. Black women are viewed not only as mothers, but single mothers. The race of these women impact them dramatically because these black women have to deal with the negative stereotypes of being black but also have to deal with the prejudices and stereotypes that come with single motherhood. Their image as mothers and their image as blacks are what shapes employers' misconceptions. Blacks are likely to feel that their racial-ethnic identity is of importance at work and in other social settings. Black women place the most emphasis on their racial-ethnic identity than any other white or multiracial female. Black women attribute workplace discrimination to their racial status. .
             Explain the two main reasons for majority of claims for black and white women?.
             The two main reasons for majority of claims for black and white women are first for discriminatory firing, and second for general harassment. Black women are more likely to file a discrimination case for hiring, promotion, and general harassment whereas white women are more likely to file a case for sexual harassment. Both black and white women tend to experience discriminatory firing at a higher rate. It is easier to prove these claims compared to other claims like discrimination while hiring. In order to prove such claims, audits must be performed in order to gauge the prevalence of sex discriminatory hiring practices.

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