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Social Behaviors in Antigone

            Creon in Antigone feels his masculinity threatened by Antigone's behavior.
             How does the behavior of Antigone challenge the Greek stereotype of "feminine" behavior? .
             How does Ismene's behavior illustrate "femininity"? .
             Does Antigone accept or reject the social roles attributed to women? .
             Why was it very fitting then that a woman act as ultimate defender of her family?.
             Within the play Antigone, Sophocles demonstrates many views of gender expectations in Greek life. Women were at the forefront of these social norms, it was believed that they should be well mannered, respectful and obedient to males or any authority without question. When conflict arose in regards to the law of banning the burial of Polynices, his sister Antigone upsets the norm of gender roles and hierarchy. She overturned one of the fundamental rules of her culture by going against the word of Creon the king of Thebes and buries her brother. Following her act in which she viewed as a just cause, Antigone began to demonstrate her hubris by rebelling against the stereotype women portrayed with passionate outbursts and unconventional behavior. When she began acting in this manor women like her sister Ishmene who represented true femininity of the time warned her of her actions and that she should be dismissive. Throughout the play it's easy to recognise Antigone's rejection to the role she is expected to play as a woman. However, we still see Antigone accept particular roles women play in society like her devotion to care and defend her family, even if they have passed on to the underworld. .
             As the new king of Thebes, Creon demonstrated his expectations that men are the primary actors in Greek society and that his word of law should never be questioned even if it isn't that of the gods. With an individual having such strong beliefs about gender roles and his word being the law, one could be extremely offended and insecure of their masculinity being crippled if a woman ever went against them.

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