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Music Review - Violin Orchestra Symphony

            On Saturday, November 15, 2014 I attended a Violin Orchestra Symphony. It was held in the Palace Theatre in Stamford. It was about two hours long, but those two hours were pretty good because I got to hear different types of music. The Music director Eckart Preu kept his audience awake. He was funny and made you feel very welcome to his concert. Those are the type of people you need to be able to stay entertained. I've never been to an orchestra concert. From the beginning I thought I was going to be bored and not like it. When I saw how the Music director introduced himself, my mentality changed. I started to look forward to what I was about to listen to. They also had a violin soloist. His name is llya kaler. He's one of the most outstanding personalities of the violin today. He's the only violinist to have won Gold medals at the Tchaikovsky, Sibelius and Paganini competitions. He was born in Moscow, Russia into a family of musicians. His solo recitals have made him travel to different places in the world. For example: East Asia, Europe, Latin America, South America and Israel. When I saw him playing with the orchestra you can see the passion he has for what he does. The way he would move with his violin as he played the music showed what he was feeling at that moment. His face expressions showed what he was feeling as he played his violin and the piece that he was doing.
             When I arrived to the Palace Theatre the environment felt good. The ushers made you feel welcomed. As soon as you arrived they were already showing you were you needed to go. They didn't make you feel lost. They guide me to my seat which made it easier because the hall was pretty big. It was a good decent size to have a concert. Not all the seats were filled, but a good amount of people attended to hear and watch the orchestra. The majority of the audience was middle adulthood. So I kind of felt out of place, but we all came for one reason and it was to listen to the orchestra.

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