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The Civil Rights Movement

            The civil rights movement happened as a result of racial discrimination towards black Americans and it was for black Americans to oppose against it. The progression of the civil rights movement for African Americans advanced through many important events. However World War 2 can arguably be said to have the greatest impact in African American history. This was because the Second World War emphasised the achievements black Americans encountered and the extent of racial discrimination in America. For a lot of black Americans in the years 1871-1981 conditions was very hard as they were being deprived of their rights. For example the rights to good jobs, schools, houses, as well as voting. White violence against black Americans continued from the Klu Klux Klan. World War 2 for the first time gave black Americans the chance to achieve in accomplishments, which without the War wouldn't be possible. For example without the Second World War the Tuskegee Airman wouldn't be recognised amongst the hero's and they wouldn't have got their silver stars. The Tuskegee Airmen helped create great awareness on the discrimination in America. Without the events that happened during the war black Americans wouldn't be inspired to campaign for the civil rights. This makes World War 2 a key turning point because it increases the mass protest such as the bus boycott, which showed the government how important black Americans were to the US economy. With the help of World War 2 gave black Americans who didn't support racial discrimination the difference they could make if they support the civil right movement. With the help of World War 2 white people in America became more accepting toward black Americans and majority of the white community supported the civil right movement. However World War couldn't be the only key turning point in developing the civil right movement, just because it increased the awareness of black Americans.

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