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King Lear and the Earl of Gloucester

            King Lear is one of the greatest tragedy play written by William Shakespeare, which portrays the intense suffering from the blindness through Lear king of Britain and the earl of Gloucester.
             According to Dictionaries, blindness is defined as "unable to see and lacking of sight, but blindness that Shakespeare demonstrate is not only a physical inability but also a mental flaw that both characters present in the play.
             Shakespeare use parallel structure of the main plot and subplot that mirror each other like throughout the play. Begin with both two men have good children and bad children and. The rejection of Edgar by Gloucester reflects Lear's rejection of Cordelia. They both blind to the truth by reject the good children and favor the bad ones .All Shakespeare's tragedies has a tragic hero which carried a tragic flaw: For Lear is pride and Gloucester is Lust. During the climax both Lear and Gloucester was punish by their personal sins. The parallel structure continues throughout the play as Lear reconcile with Cordelier and Gloucester with Edgar.
             The blindness is the main factor that leads to the tragedy in the play because of the blindness itself that is a root for all the false decisions.
             Firstly, Lear's blindness is the main issue of all the disaster in the play because he is the blindest among all the characters. Due to his pride as a great king, he is not listening to anyone from his decision-making and he wants sweet words from people around him.
             The great mistake in the play that Lear made is when he decided to divide his Kingdom. As King he should not divided the kingdom because it is his responsible that he should rule it until the end of his life. As the traditional belief, being King is the God-appointed position; it is not something to give up.
             However in Act 1, Lear decided to divide his kingdom into three parts for each of his daughters.
             In order to share the kingdoms, he command his daughters to say how much they love him and promise to give the greatest part to that daughter.

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