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Notes on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

             I chose The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as a book for my report because this title caught my attention. I have never read other books from this author, Mark Twain, and nobody recommended it to me. I only picked up this book because of the topic: adventures. Adventures histories always interest me because they frequently have exciting parts such as try to safe someone, putting the main character in risk of life.
             2. The history happened probably before 1860s because one of the characters, Jim, is a slave. The history begins in the Widow Douglas' house, the woman that is in charge of the main character, follow in the Pap's house – father main character's house, but the most scenes is on the river, in a canoe or raft. It ends at the Aunt Sally's house.
             3. The main character is called by Huckleberry Finn, or just Huck Finn. He is a young boy with blond hair. Huck does not have mother, only father who is too rude with his son. So, Huck learned to be impolite. He always appears without shoes and getting in troubles. In spite of this, he is smart and always know how to scape from a problem. I liked this person because despite he looks like a bad boy, he has a good heart. For example, when he saw two adults trying stolen money from a girl, he helped this girl. So, for me, he just dislike live in polite ways that the society said that is right, he prefers the freedom. .
             4. This book is about the adventures of a young boy called by Huck Finn. This character lives with Widow Douglas who tries to teach him good manners. It is not a kind of thing that he likes, so he plans run away from her house. But, before he does it, his father arrived in the town and gets him to his place. Huck had $6.000 that he found in a cave, and his father (Pap) wanted this money. When Pap figured out that his son did not have more the money, he started to hit Huck, locked him in a room and leave him there more than one day alone.

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