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Million Dollar Money Maker

            What makes an advertisement worth your while? What draws us in? Is it our emotions, our sometimes rational thinking, our background? Many times we feel a unique urge to possess an item that looks like a million dollars in an ad, because we think that we deserve to feel like a million dollars, and surly if it looks like a million dollars on paper, there's no way it wouldn't make you feel like it. We never stop to think that almost all businesses will make their product look and feel that way to us so we'll buy it. Many of them take advantage of our senses and put them into overdrive. We as a nation and a materialistic society allow them to do so because it was what we were raised to believe, think, and love. .
             What makes us feel like a million bucks in our society? In a lot of ways sex, pleasure, and money make us feel like a million bucks, but in other ways generosity, self-conviction and self-worth make us feel that way too. Take an ad for lip balm for example, how much can lip balm really make you feel a certain type of way? Not much if lip balm was the only thing the company was trying to advertise, but businesses sell so much more than just their product. In this ad for EOS lip balm, there's a girl with rosy red cheeks, a symmetrical nose, a beautiful complexion, and a perfect set of lips. In her hand she has a blue and white stripped EOS lip balm, and matching sunglasses, her had looks as if it the lip balm was heading straight towards her slightly opened "come and get me " smile. These eye catching graphics and exact arrangement of specific details is drawing people in by giving them the thought that with this lip balm beauty and perfection is only a few steps away. It's almost as if the arrangement of detail and the way her body language projects through the ad strikes an emotion of happiness and want, bringing out the self-worth in us, we know were worth happiness, beauty, pleasure and soft lips.

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