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French Rebellion - Reign of Terror

            In the late 1700`s France underwent a transformation due to the governments constant unfair treatment of its people. Through strength and numbers the citizens were able to reclaim their country as their own. The course of action taken by the French, resulted in unfavorable consequences. Factors such as aristocracy, feudalism, taxation, and the price of food lead to an overthrow through violence. This fear leads up to the mutiny called the Reign of Terror. .
             Pre-revolutionary movement began when the French government started malfunctioning. The French countryside began hearing rumors that King Louis got feudal lords to hire robbers to murder the peasants and destroy their new harvest. This fear added to the already existing fear because of the lack of good harvest in 1787.Originally, there were no plans to overthrow the king and higher class, but the peasants believed it because the French Revolution was in talks about bringing new rights to them. As the rumor was not true, it caused a great fear throughout the French countryside provoking peasants to kill nobles, lords, and anyone in the higher classes. The peasants also raided chateaus, looking for grains, wine, and feudal documents. The written records were burnt to remove evidence of the due dates of land payments. In cities throughout France. This wave of violence is known as the Great Fear or Grand Fear. .
             The results of the Great Fear were quite rewarding. It lead to a new balanced class structure, a lower tax deduction, and the churches giving up the titles. .
             The citizens rebellion led to a transformation of France for the coming years. On January 20, 1793 the French overthrew King Louis XVI and sentenced him to death for his negligence and soon after he was executed at the hand of the guillotine. The death of the king didnt sit well with all, and as a result an internal feud between Danton and Robespierre caused them to split up.

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