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Dystopia - Utopia Gone Wrong

            What is dystopia? Dystopia is a utopia gone wrong to create a society that rather than making people happy, makes people unhappy and completely miserable. Our own world that we live in is a dystopia. There is no such perfect things around us. In fact, the bible stated itself that as long as we people live in this world there will be always be trials and suffering. Humans are greedy. Humans are rebellious. This is why we people are not meant to live in a perfect society or a perfect world.
             Humans are rebellious. In Ross's film The Hunger Games, the beginning of the movie introduced a game thatwas made only for the people who lives in the Districts of Panem. It is a game which citizens are chosen as tributes to fight to the death. They called this "The Hunger Games". This game served as a punishment and as a reminder to all the citizens of the consequences for rebelling against the government. If only people of Panem were governable and not rebellious back then, the Capitol would have not come up with a very dangerous game that would change the way they live. It could have prevented the treatment that they are receiving from the capitol especially to all the people that lives in districts. .
             Humans are greedy. They are very desirously which sometimes leads them to the point where they don't even know what is right or wrong anymore. In Padilha's film Robocop, the beginning of the movie shows a war events which lead the United States to create a Robotic army as replacement to human soldier in the battlefield. Throughout history why do nations go to war? Isn't it not because they want something from that particular nation? This is why as long as humans are not contented on what they have, there will always be wars and chaos to this world. .
             Humans are not supposed to live in a perfect society. In Ross's film The Hunger Games, it shows the imbalanced treatment between the people who live in the Capitol and the people who live in districts.

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