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Mrs. Sens and the Third and Final Continent

             Sens and The Third and Final Continent is both describing how the Indian couples live their live in America. Both of the male characters in the story, Mr. Sens and the narrator, works in the university while their wives stay home. While Mala, the female character in the story The Third and Final Continent, has no jobs; Mrs. Sens, the female character in the story Mrs. Sens, works as a nanny in her house taking care of Eliot. Mr. and Mrs. Sens do not have any children. Although the Sens couple have been married for years, their relationship are more like friends than couples. There are two evidences which illustrates their relationships: Firstly, they do not call their name or nickname; they called one another Mr. Sens and Mrs. Sens. To show that we are polite to stranger, we usually called one another by their last name. However, Mr. Sens and Mrs. Sens has been married years already, therefore we can see that their relationship is not as close as couples should be like. Secondly, when Eliot wants to take pictures of them together, they didn't hold hands and put their arms around each other's waists. Compare to the couples in The Third and Final Continents, although the narrator and Mala was like strangers at first, they kissed and solace in each other's arm and gradually fall in love. They even have a kid as time passes by. We can see that there is love between the couples in The Third and Final Continent while love doesn't exist in the couples in Mrs. Sens. With love, Mala gradually become a happy woman. Without love, Mrs. Sens wept all day long. Mrs. Sens' loneliness can be seen when Eliot has to leave her that she doesn't even want to come out of the restroom in order to avoid the picture of Eliot leaving her. Although both Mrs. Sens and Mala leave their home, India, for new life in America, their ability to adapt new lifestyle was totally different. In the beginning of The Third and Final Continent, Mala brings the traditions from her hometown to America: she cannot change her fashion style adopt from India, she eats with her hands, eats egg curry and cooks rice for the narrator in the morning.

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