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Stoicism - Philosophical Movement

             Stoicism was first practiced as a philosophical movement during the Hellenistic period. It is unknown as what started the origins of stoicism. Stoicism is a very complex philosophy, which many ideas and concepts can be explained by their theories of philosophy, religion, logic, ethics, and emotion. .
             Considering the philosophy and life of Stoicism, it is the term of making decision about how to approach life. It is as a way of life. Philosophy is also defined as a kind of practice or exercise in concerning what you believe. Only if you do it will you become a sage. However, if you don't, you will be a slave. They claimed that it is impossible for women to accomplish this practice.
             The Stoic theory God is immanent throughout the whole of creation and directs everything down to the finest detail. Under this guise, God is also called 'fate.' It is important to realize that God was believed to plan everything. Rather, the history of the universe is determined by God's activity internal to it, shaping it with its differentiated characteristics. Moreover, the Stoic did not believe in free will. For the Stoics, the theory of what they called 'logic' is not fatalistic. Formally, the theory logic was standardly divided into just two parts. The first part is that truths about the past are necessary as it is acknowledged. However, people ought to move forward for nothing has the power to change the past. It was also claimed that nothing impossible follows from what is possible. To live in the moment is what important as it is possible. Unlike praying which was considered to be illogical.
             The theory ethics tell us that the goal that we all have is happiness. One of the answers is happiness was "a good flow of life". The Stoics claim that whatever is good must benefit its possessor under all circumstances. The characteristics include virtues of human beings, wisdom, justice, courage and moderation.

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