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African Philosophy on Feminism

            The understanding of feminism goes way beyond the Western view; to understand feminism one must be able to acknowledge those who stand outside the Eurocentric view and look beyond it to bring both into the same perspective (485). Western feminists are only able to be audacious enough to do something within their own society and they recognized non-western women and see them as being less fortunate (485). Feminists are blind; they only focus on the society that they come from, and then secondly, or sometimes never, on those outside of their own society (485). Feminism itself is a movement that is capable of aiming for the equal rights for all women on the grounds of political, social and economic situations (485). A feminist should be able to do this on a universal scale for all women including western and non-western, for they know that the two societies are essentially different due to cultural and religious circumstances, but are stronger together then alone (485). .
             The key to a dual-sex system is the understanding of gender in society and culture through Africa before colonization (485). African society groups, such as the Igbo culture are defined and represented by sex; these groups have no gender, and so therefore, each sex manages their own affairs (485). The dual-sex political systems give women power in their society verses the Western single-sex political system where the roles are to be held by a man (485). Political roles were always meant for males until women's rights were challenged, but then there is the issue of women being forced into male roles; roles originally intended to be dominated by a male, which was the intended purpose of the society (485). The intended purpose of a dual-system is therefore different in the non-western view because women running women concerns and organizations and the men vice verse who running there own organizations and concerns throughout their society (485).

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